Thermostats are used to monitor and maintain temperatures within an expected range of heat or cold. Thermostats are used in countless everyday applications, as all devices that heat or cool to a certain temperature use thermostats. Some common items include:

  • Home temperature thermostats
  • Refrigerators
  • Medical equipment
  • Ovens
  • HVAC systems
  • Electric hot pots or clothes irons

Resist Water Damage

Waterproof thermostats complete the same function while also resisting water damage. These types of thermostats are highly beneficial for use in designs where moisture may be present, such as refrigerators or other appliances.

All thermostats use a “closed loop” control device to guarantee the accuracy of temperature. These components unite sensing and controlling elements within a controlled action system to make certain the temperature is maintained.

Thermostats include a bimetallic strip or sometimes a thermistor to manage the temperature’s range in a given area. Once the temperature reaches a setpoint, the thermostat will shut off the electricity until it senses that the temperature needs adjusted again.

At Calco Electric, designers created the KSD301-M Watertight/Waterproof Thermostat to be waterproof. Its main body protection class measures at IP57, sealing out moisture so that it can be used in liquid applications.

Waterproof Thermostats At Calco Electric

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KSD305 Thermal Protector

KSD305 series snap-action defrost thermostat is a kind of waterproof bimetal thermal protector. It is of single-pole single-throw structure and works under resistive load. Thermostat is enveloped by epoxy resin. The product series is widely used as heating compensated switch or automatic defrosting control switch in air-cooling frostless refrigerators.

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Waterproof ThermostatThe KSD301-M Thermostat is a type of waterproof thermostat that is more waterproof than other products in the KSD301 series. The protection class of the main body is up to IP57. It has a moisture-proof sealed design for use in appliances that use liquids.

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