High Temperature Thermostats

At Calco Electric, we supply High Temperature Thermostats for heat treating facilities. Commonly called blast thermostats, these range from 3,000 to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. High Temperature Thermostats use infrared beams to measure the temperature in a given area; there is no need to use a probe.

Increased Safety & Efficiency

High-Temperature Thermostats are typically installed in metal companies, tubing businesses, pottery kilns, and industrial businesses. Accurate, quality high-temperature thermostats are important for safety and efficiency in these industries.

We provide our customers with two elements, an M2HA High Temperature Sensor and an M2HA High Temperature Thermostat. The ambient temperature range is from -30°C to 430°C. The ambient temperature setting lasts for 168 hours at -30 ± 3°C. It can also be set at 50°C for the same 168 hours. The operating temperature can be preset between 200 to 380°C.

The contact resistance is less than 100 mΩ, with 1b contact. Its Insulation Resistance is more than 100 MΩ for lead and case at DC500V. The thermostat’s insulation voltage amounts to AC2000V for 2 seconds between leads and case AC500V. These apply to one minute from Contacts with 10Ma leakage current.

A Long-Lasting Product

Our High Temperature Thermostats are long-lasting. They handle one million operations and over 10,000 electrical operations at the Insulation Resistance and Insulation Voltage.

There are specific safety precautions that must be taken with these High-Temperature Thermostats. They must have a power supply voltage and current that meet the needed range. They also cannot be subject to flammable objects or glasses, combustible dust or explosives, saltwater spray, and water drops.

High Temperature Thermostats from Calco Electric

Our staff is trained and experienced in thermostats. No matter your question or concern about our products, we can answer them. Request a quote today, or ask us questions about which thermostat is best for your project.

M2HA High Temp Thermostat

The M2HA is a high temperature thermostat featuring an ambient Temperature Range: -30°C to 430°C.

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