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Our designers at Calco Electric create premium thermostats that are accurate and efficient. Each of our thermostats has a specific design to meet your specific needs, whether you own a home or an industrial business.

Temperature Regulation

Thermostats are components that measure temperature in a given space. The system is preset for a specific temperature, called a setpoint, and the thermostats turn the heat on or off to meet the exact or approximate temperature. Thermostats may also stop or start a heat transfer fluid, which would also regulate the temperature.

Any equipment, system, or device that cools or heats at a setpoint need thermostats. These include HVAC systems, central heating, heating, air conditioning, scientific incubators, medical equipment, refrigerators, ovens, and more.

Thermostats are built many different ways. Typically, thermostats contain a bimetallic strip or a thermistor to measure and regulate the temperature. Using an output sensor, the thermostat then manages the cooling or heating.

Most thermostats operate either the heating or cooling element until the sensor detects that it has met the set temperature. Then the thermostat turns off the electricity until it detects that it needs to turn on to meet the set temperature again.

Thermostats from Calco Electric

At Calco Electric, we specially train our experienced team of professionals to be well versed in our products. From our lead engineers to our staff, we understand the importance of accurate, efficient thermostats for your home and your business, and that’s why we’re here to guarantee that you have the thermostat that meets your needs. Request a quote today!