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Our designers at Calco Electric create premium thermostats that are accurate and efficient. Each of our thermostats has a specific design to meet your specific needs, whether you own a home or an industrial business.

Temperature Regulation

Thermostats are components that measure temperature in a given space. The system is preset for a specific temperature, called a setpoint, and the thermostats turn the heat on or off to meet the exact or approximate temperature. Thermostats may also stop or start a heat transfer fluid, which would also regulate the temperature.

Any equipment, system, or device that cools or heats at a setpoint need thermostats. These include HVAC systems, central heating, heating, air conditioning, scientific incubators, medical equipment, refrigerators, ovens, and more.

Thermostats are built many different ways. Typically, thermostats contain a bimetallic strip or a thermistor to measure and regulate the temperature. Using an output sensor, the thermostat then manages the cooling or heating.

Most thermostats operate either the heating or cooling element until the sensor detects that it has met the set temperature. Then the thermostat turns off the electricity until it detects that it needs to turn on to meet the set temperature again.

Thermostats from Calco Electric

At Calco Electric, we specially train our experienced team of professionals to be well versed in our products. From our lead engineers to our staff, we understand the importance of accurate, efficient thermostats for your home and your business, and that’s why we’re here to guarantee that you have the thermostat that meets your needs. Request a quote today!


Narrow Differential Thermostats

Our teams at Calco Electric provides customers with high-quality Narrow Differential Thermostats. These thermostats are typically used in industries that need accurate heat treating ovens.

Extreme Precision from Calco Electric

Because these thermostats are integral to industries, they must be especially precise. To do this, the narrow differential thermostat must turn on and off at closer tolerances. This means that its differential is more narrow, making the heat turn on and off more rapidly.

Narrow Differential Thermostats use snap action with bimetal discs to open and close the contact. Bimetal discs are made of two different kinds of metal, with one loosening faster than the other. This places tension inside the thermostat, disconnecting the contact that keeps the heat turned on.

The bimetal thermal switch is a 17AME-H. Its lowest temperature is from 0°C to 180°C. It is particularly designed to handle lighting, heating, and motors. Engineers made the switch to concentrate on small temperature differential (called the narrow differential) and the low-temperature range.

With the bimetal heat expanding and the cold contracting, the thermal switch is able to turn on and off. This allows the element to control the area’s temperature within a small range of heat.

The narrow differential thermostats from Calco Electric include:

  • 100% regulated temperature
  • Snap action as well as creep action
  • Personalized wire length and type
  • 100% RoHS Compliant
  • 100,000 life cycles for long-term capacity
  • Personalized terminals located at the same or opposite ends

Narrow Differential Thermostats At Calco Electric

For more details about our Narrow Differential Thermostats, contact Calco Electric. We have experienced, trained staff to answer any questions you may have about any of our thermostats.

High Precision and Long Life Thermostats

High Precision and Long Life Thermostats from Calco Electric are highly accurate and durable. When you need an exact temperature set and sustained for lengthy periods of time, you need high precision and long life thermostats.

Our High Precision and Long Life Thermostats have a maximum operating voltage that maxes at AC250V and DC48V. The temperature setting range is between -10˚C~110˚C. Depending on the higher temperature, the tolerance and differential will vary:

  • Rank A ······ 3.5 ± 1.5 (2~5)˚C
  • Rank B ······ 4.5 ± 1.5 (3~6)˚C
  • Rank C ······ 6.5 ± 1.5 (5~8)˚C
  • Rank D ······ 10 ± 2 (8~12)˚C

These thermostats have a contact configuration of 1b(X), or 1a(Y). The operating range is -30˚C~85˚C for standard temperatures and -30˚C~125˚C for special temperatures, without any icing or condensing.

These elements have insulation resistance at 100MΩ or more. It has 70mΩ or less with contact resistance involving lead wire resistance. The withstanding voltage, with 600V for 1 minute between its contacts, is AC2000V for 2 seconds.

With vibration resistance, high precision and long life thermostats are selected from JIS·C·0911-1984. Its constant vibration is 50Hz fixed/0.2mm fixed (1G) with a sweep vibration of 10~55Hz/0.35mm fixed (0.1~2.2G). It can withstand 2 hours in X, Y, and Z directions.

In terms of impact resistance, the thermostat did not have any damage from a concrete floor when testers dropped it from 40cm. There was also no damage to the thermostat’s double sealed model from a concrete floor when testers dropped it from 1 m.

High Precision And Long Life Thermostats at Calco Electric

For precision and reliability, contact Calco Electric today and request a quote on a high precision or long life thermostat from Calco Electric.

Creep Action Thermostats

At Calco Electric, we give our customers the top quality and service for thermal cutoffs, thermostats, thermal protectors, thermistors, insulated heater wires, thermal cutouts, and more. One of our products is a Creep Action Thermostat, which has the best accuracy in staying at the setpoint

Precision & Accuracy

Thermostats contain two dissimilar metals that are bound together. As the thermostat regulates the temperature, one of the metals will expand faster than the other metal, creating a rounded arc. As the arc increases, the contact between the metals is lost, turning the thermostat on and off to adjust the temperature.

Regular thermostats have a range of accuracy that can vary between 1 or 2 degrees of the setpoint. Creep Thermostats are more precise, using a coil form of the metals to remove the range and meet the setpoint.

Sustained Response

Creep Action Thermostats guarantee you a sustained response. It has a slow cutout set at your specific trip point. Its low make and slow break action are triggered precisely around the setpoint.

Our line includes a wide variety for any need you may have:

  • JRMC, JRMD, and JRMD-E Creep Action Thermostats use a bimetal slow break and slow make mechanism to regulate temperatures and limit thermal activity. These are also available in gold diffused contacts.
  • WAA2 Creep Action Thermostats are specially designed to provide temperature control for different appliances. These are typically found in medical cushions, car seats, and heating pads.

Creep Action Thermostats from Calco Electric

Contact us today to request a quote on a creep action thermostat or to learn more about our products. We look forward to working with you!

High Temperature Thermostats

At Calco Electric, we supply High Temperature Thermostats for heat treating facilities. Commonly called blast thermostats, these range from 3,000 to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. High Temperature Thermostats use infrared beams to measure the temperature in a given area; there is no need to use a probe.

Increased Safety & Efficiency

High-Temperature Thermostats are typically installed in metal companies, tubing businesses, pottery kilns, and industrial businesses. Accurate, quality high-temperature thermostats are important for safety and efficiency in these industries.

We provide our customers with two elements, an M2HA High Temperature Sensor and an M2HA High Temperature Thermostat. The ambient temperature range is from -30°C to 430°C. The ambient temperature setting lasts for 168 hours at -30 ± 3°C. It can also be set at 50°C for the same 168 hours. The operating temperature can be preset between 200 to 380°C.

The contact resistance is less than 100 mΩ, with 1b contact. Its Insulation Resistance is more than 100 MΩ for lead and case at DC500V. The thermostat’s insulation voltage amounts to AC2000V for 2 seconds between leads and case AC500V. These apply to one minute from Contacts with 10Ma leakage current.

A Long-Lasting Product

Our High Temperature Thermostats are long-lasting. They handle one million operations and over 10,000 electrical operations at the Insulation Resistance and Insulation Voltage.

There are specific safety precautions that must be taken with these High-Temperature Thermostats. They must have a power supply voltage and current that meet the needed range. They also cannot be subject to flammable objects or glasses, combustible dust or explosives, saltwater spray, and water drops.

High Temperature Thermostats from Calco Electric

Our staff is trained and experienced in thermostats. No matter your question or concern about our products, we can answer them. Request a quote today, or ask us questions about which thermostat is best for your project.

Bimetal Thermostats

Bimetal Thermostats, which regulate the temperature inside heating pads, blankets, and medical pads, are used in any case where the applications need control for a low temperature.

Bimetal Thermostats use two different kinds of metal to regulate the temperature setting. When one of the metals expands more quickly than the other, it creates a round arc, like a rainbow. As the temperature changes, the metals continue to react differently, operating the thermostat. This opens or closes the contact opener, turning the electricity on or off as needed. Accuracy and efficiency are important for bimetal thermostats.

At Calco Electric, we have a variety of bimetal thermostats for your selection:

  • ½” Snap Action Bimetal Disc Thermostat: HB-2 is compact, reliable, and cost-efficient. It is also compact with its ½” design.
  • ¾” Snap Action Bimetal Disc Thermostat: HB-7 uses snap action to create high-speed contact separation, giving you a versatile, cost-efficient method of regulating temperatures.
  • AMT-P1 Series Bimetal Thermostat provides more reliable, safe protection for your circuits. It uses an open frame design for efficiency.
  • High Temperature Bimetal Thermostat: H702 can control temperatures reaching 400°C; typical disc thermostats can’t handle temperatures over 230°C because of a refractory issue.
  • JUC 31F Series TO-220 PCB-Bimetal Disc Thermostat meets RoHs standards. As a snap action SPST bimetallic thermostat, it gives accurate regulation for one device. We are the only company that provides low-temperature regulation reaching 0C (32F).
  • Narrow Differential Bimetal Thermostat: HB-5 Series uses snap action with unique dual-contact assembly. This is best for AC and DC applications.
  • ASR 44 and ASR 44G Self Hold Thermal Cutout combine a thermostat with a resistor to meet a preset temperature.

Bimetal Thermostats With Calco Electric

Simple temperature regulation makes life easier. Contact us today for further details about our bimetal thermostats and their applications.

Thermostats are used to monitor and maintain temperatures within an expected range of heat or cold. Thermostats are used in countless everyday applications, as all devices that heat or cool to a certain temperature use thermostats. Some common items include:

  • Home temperature thermostats
  • Refrigerators
  • Medical equipment
  • Ovens
  • HVAC systems
  • Electric hot pots or clothes irons

Resist Water Damage

Waterproof thermostats complete the same function while also resisting water damage. These types of thermostats are highly beneficial for use in designs where moisture may be present, such as refrigerators or other appliances.

All thermostats use a “closed loop” control device to guarantee the accuracy of temperature. These components unite sensing and controlling elements within a controlled action system to make certain the temperature is maintained.

Thermostats include a bimetallic strip or sometimes a thermistor to manage the temperature’s range in a given area. Once the temperature reaches a setpoint, the thermostat will shut off the electricity until it senses that the temperature needs adjusted again.

At Calco Electric, designers created the KSD301-M Watertight/Waterproof Thermostat to be waterproof. Its main body protection class measures at IP57, sealing out moisture so that it can be used in liquid applications.

Waterproof Thermostats At Calco Electric

Find your quality waterproof thermostat at Calco Electric. Contact us today to learn more.