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At Calco Electric, our PTC Thermistors are designed to be sensitive to temperature in a wide range of applications. Thermistors can also be called PTC resistors, motor protectors, or motor protection sensors.

Thermistors are a category of resistor. Resistors are two-terminal electrical components. They use electrical resistance to decrease electricity flow while also reducing the voltage levels inside the circuits. Thermistors are used by inrush current limiters, overcurrent protectors that reset themselves, temperature sensors, and heating elements that are self-regulating.

Unlike regular resistance temperature detectors, which are made of pure metals, thermistors are usually made of polymer or ceramic. There is also a different temperature reaction – resistance temperature detectors cover wide ranges of temperature, but thermistors are more precise because of their limited range of temperature.

Thermistors for a Broad Range of Applications

Specifically, our PTC Thermistors use ceramic semiconductors to measure high Positive Temperature Coefficient standards. This is why they can be implemented in such a broad range of applications, like sugar mills, paper mills, steel and rubber factories, and also cement factories.

PTC thermistors qualify as temperature dependent sensors. The nominal switching temperature matches the Curie point temperature. In normal environments, it is set at a low resistance, but it rises dramatically as it approaches nominal switching temperature, switching the operation. This stops electricity, activating the circuit and protecting the setting from overheating. While protecting against overheating, thermistors also decrease the machine’s downtime and the cost of inventory.

Thermistors at Calco Electric

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PTC Thermistors

PTC thermistors are temperature sensitive ceramic semi-conductors. 

PTC Thermistor, Motor Protectors, PTC Resistors

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