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Engineers at Calco Electric design high quality Thermowells and Custom Fittings specifically for your project. We use your specs to create our products, guaranteeing that your needs are met.

Thermowells Offer Protection to Thermostats

Thermowells, which are tubular fittings typically used in industrial settings, protect thermostats from harmful elements, like water. The thermostat is set into the open end of the thermowell, which is closed on the other side. Heat travels through the thermowell wall to the thermostat.

The thermostat is entirely encased inside the Thermowell, with the temperature sensor in direct contact with the Thermowell’s inside tip. This results in a delayed response from the thermostat. The thermostat is easy to replace if it becomes damaged.

These tools are implemented into the industrial process to guarantee that the temperature stays steady despite any harsh environments that could damage the thermostat. In industrial settings, there can be water, chemicals, and dirt that can cause a thermostat to malfunction. Thermowells prevent this from happening.

Request a Custom Thermowell

We can design our custom thermowells with brass, SS316, CS, Titanium Monel, and Hastelloys materials. Our engineers will socket weld, thread, taper, flange, or straighten your product according to your needs. At your request, we can use a variety of thread sizes. Each of these materials and designs are used in different settings.

If you need a cap and chain for your project, we can design one for you. Our custom fittings have heat code traceability, 28” insertion lengths, and one piece construction.

Thermowells and Custom Fittings at Calco Electric

All of our products are 100% factory tested. If you need, we can also provide NACE certification. Contact us today!


Custom thermowells from Calco Electric for temperature protection are available in SS 316, CS, Brass, Titanium Monel & Hastelloys materials.

  • Options available include: Threaded, flanged, socket weld, tapered and straight.
  • Instrument connection: -1/2" NPT/NPSM
  • Insertion length (U) up to 28"
  • One piece construction
  • Cap & chain available upon request
  • Other thread sizes available upon request
  • 100% factory tested
  • NACE certification available upon request
  • Heat code traceability