Thermal Protectors

Our team of engineers at Calco Electric provide the best quality in thermal protectors. We also offer the best pricing and customer service for our products. No matter your industry or your needs, we have the training and the experience to help.

Our products are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, food service, compressors, A/C motors and transformers, medical, and more.

No Overheating With Thermal Protectors

Thermal protectors are specifically made for motors. When the motor’s heat rises too high, the thermal protector turns off electricity. This stops the motor from overheating and catching on fire.

Thermal protectors are placed internally inside the motor. The elements include two different kinds of metal, like a bimetal disc, to disjoint the contact from the electricity. This feature can be individualized according to the temperature, size, and metals needed.

Choose From a Variety of Thermal Protectors

We create thermal protectors in brass, SS 316, CS, Hastelloys, and Titanium Monel materials. Because we start with materials known for their durability and accuracy, our end products are outstanding.

We give our customers a variety of options, including socket weld, threaded, tapered, flanged, and straight. Each detail is included to make the protectors more efficient.

Our thermal protectors are made with one piece construction. If you want, we can run 100% factory tests for NACE certification. Our elements have heat code traceability, 28” Insertion length, and ½” NPT/NPSM instrument connection.

Thermal Protectors at Calco Electric

We can also individualize your thermal protectors with cap and chain options, thread sizes, and more. Contact us to choose your specifications for your thermal protectors from Calco Electric.

Thermal Protector TB97The TB 97 high temperature thermal protector / thermostat is based on reliable bimetal snap-disc technology and is specially designed for application where high temperature are needed, with a maximum switching temperature of 450°C.

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thermal motor protector tp1 series

The TP1 Series Thermal Protector from Calco Electric offers rapid response motor protection.  It features a Rhomboid shape small size, Good pressure resistance, High switching capacity, Minimal contact resistance, is both Temperature and current sensitive and has Rapid response.

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ac02 thermal cutoutThis resettable thermal cutout available from Calco Electric offers a small sized thermal cut out used for thermal protection of electric motors and transformers and is mounted directly into windings. Other applications include protection of heaters and controllers. The minimum current of protected circuit is 100 mA, the maximum current is set according to specifications.

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thermal Protector

The ST01 Series is a small and easy to install thermal protector. It has accurate temperature response, is temperature sensitive, compact & pressure stable and is used in motors, transformers, coils and electronics.

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BRMZ Thermal Protector

The BRM self hold thermal protector is based on the BRM series and has a heating element which is safe and reliable in product performance. Only after the power is off and the temperature is down to the reset temperature will the product reset.

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MTP1 PTC Thermal Protector

The MTP1 thermal protector is part of the PTC manual resetting series (lock-self type).

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Thermal Protector

The TB02 Series Auto Reset miniature thermal protector is one of the smallest devices manufactured in the world.  It is comprised of a miniature bimetal snap disc that is both current and temperature sensitive.  Operation of this thermal protector occurs when the temperature of the bimetal disc reaches its’ precalibrated set point by a combination of high current or high temperatures or a combination of both. The TB02 series offers a proven protector for use in battery packs, motors transformers, and  ballasts and heating appliances.

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Motor Protector

The TP2 Series thermal protector features a miniature size, positive make and break with snap-action disc, repeatable temperature performance over life, suitable for most impregnation processes, good DC/AC performance and a high grade thermoplastic insulated case. Used for HID ballasts, battery packs, fractional power motors, AC brushless motors, DC motors, heating appliances and transformers. Temp. range 45°C-140°C. Contact rating 12 Amps @ 120V.

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ck model thermal protectorsCalco is offering a series of high technology of snap action thermal protectors designed by a cost effective solution and reliable quality assurance for protection in motor, transformer and lighting applications. Available with various bimetallic elements to match the current sensitivity of the device to the application.

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