Battery Protectors

Battery Protectors are designed to do just that – protect your battery. At Calco Electric, we understand that our electronics are an important part of our modern lifestyle. This is why battery protectors are especially important for guarding against surges.

Battery Protectors Offer Increased Safety

When the battery in a computer is struck by a power surge, which can happen during a lightning storm, the battery can be damaged or blown up. Instead of allowing this to happen, it is wise to use battery protectors.

High-quality battery protectors are able to instantly guard against harmful power surges. At Calco Electric, we have created our Model BRMS Battery (Thermal) Protector to protect battery packs from overtemperature and overcurrent. Our BRMS Battery Protectors can be made with a nickel plated strip that includes an insulation sleeve, or they can be made with insulated wire leads.

You can use our BRMS Battery Protectors for a variety of projects, including the following:

  • Mobile battery packs
  • Notebook battery packs
  • Electric devices
  • Power tool battery packs
  • Household appliances

Our BRMS Battery Protectors are designed to give you a high-quality performance with unique features:

  • Trip temp.: 40°C~100°C (in 5°C steps)
  • Tolerance: ±5°C
  • Ambient range: -10°C~120°C
  • Contact capacity: DC12V/6A DC24V/3A
  • Endurance life: 6,000 cycles

Battery Protectors With Calco Electric

We provide only the best pricing, quality, and customer service for our customers, no matter the project or the thermostat. Our Sales Engineering team is trained and experienced to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have. Learn more about our battery protectors and their importance by contacting us today.


brm5 thermal battery protector

Calco’s Model BRMS Battery (Thermal) Protector is used for over temperature and over current protection in battery packs. The BRMS battery protector has been designed for easy placement between battery cells. It is available with insulated wire leads or a nickel plated strip with an insulation sleeve.

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