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Thermal Protectors

At Calco Electric, we make a variety of thermal protectors for several different industries. Our products are used in food service equipment, HVAC parts, automotive motors, compressors, lighting and electrical parts, computers, medical equipment, A/C motors and transformers, and more.

Thermal protectors contain a bimetal disc that stops motors from overheating and catching on fire. This is important for safety, efficiency, and other factors that are important to industries and individuals.

Our thermal protectors are available in a variety of motors:

  • High Temperature Thermal Protector, Thermostat TB97 uses a dependable bimetal snap-disc approach that is specially made for high temperature situations. Its maximum switching temperature stands at 450°C.
  • Thermal Motor Protector, TP1 gives motors rapid response protection with high switching capacity, pressure resistance, temperature and current sensitivity, minimal contact resistance, and rapid response.
  • Resetable Thermal Cutout, AC02 is a small resettable thermal cutout. It protects transformers, electric motors, controllers, and heaters. This model can be installed directly into windings.
  • Thermal Protector, ST01 is a small thermal protector with accurate response, temperature sensitivity, and other features. It is used in transformers, motors, electronics, and coils.
  • The TB02 Series Auto Reset is a miniature thermal protector. As one of the smallest devices in the world, it includes a bimetal snap disc for temperature and current sensitivity. It is used in ballasts, battery packs, and transformers.
  • The TP2 Series Thermal Protector is a positive make, small size, and break that uses snap-action discs for repeatable temperature performance. It is used in AC brushless motors, fractional power motors, and DC motors.
  • Thermal Protectors, CK-01 and CK-99 use snap action for durable, quality, cost effective protection. Engineers install these pieces in lighting, motor, and transformer applications.

Thermal Protectors at Calco Electric

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