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Heater Wires

Heater Wires from Calco Electric come in a variety of options. Whether you need them for low or high wattage application, we have the specs that you need.

Heater wires are heated coils. They resemble the coil burners that are on older stove tops. We have three kinds of heater wires available in different models.

Silicone Insulated Heater Wires

Our Silicone Insulated Heater Wires come in a variety of models. Each model has a specific purpose, but they all share some common traits. Their voltages range from 600 to 6,000, with voltage ratings from 300V to 600 V and temperature ratings from 150°C to 200°C. Our heater wires surpass 10,000 hours of product life. The wires are from 1.6 mm to 8 mm in diameter. High wattage applications include air conditioning, refrigeration, heating pads, and electric blankets.

  • AWM3323
  • AWM3219
  • AWM3270
  • AWM3342
  • AWM3350
  • AWM3589

PVC/Thermoplastic Insulated Heater Wires

We also have PVC/Thermoplastic Insulated Heater Wires with a product life surpassing 10,000 hours. These are best used in low wattage applications, like electric blankets and heating pads. The wire diameters vary from 1.8 mm to 5 mm. Models include:

  • AWM1080
  • AWM1285

Carbon Fiber Insulated Heater Wires

Our Carbon Fiber Insulated Heater Wires are also ideal for low wattage applications. The diameters are a minimum of 1.8 mm and a maximum of 5 mm. The product life reaches more than 10,000 hours for these high-quality heater wires. Our models are:

  • AWM10480
  • AWM 10543

Fiberglass Braid Heater Wires

Our engineers have designed our Fiberglass Braid Heater Wires to be used in low wattage applications like small kitchen appliances and hair curlers. The insulation voltage is 2,000V with a rate voltage at 125V. Its rated temperature is 350°C. With a product life of more than 10,000 hours, these heater wires are long-lasting.

Heater Wires at Calco Electric

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