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Organic and Pellet Type Cutoffs

Organic and pellet type cutoffs from Calco Electric are designed for specialized industries. Thermal Cut Off These thermostats have unique features that enable them to permanently, safely, and efficiently turn off the electricity heating a given area.

We deliver only the best in high-quality thermostats, and our organic pellet type cutoffs are no exception. We provide our clients with two kinds of these cutoffs:

Pellet Type Thermal Cutoffs

These cutoffs make the pellet melt to widen spring A. This pushes the slide contact separate from lead A, permanently opening the electrical circuit. These cutoffs are designed to permanently stop the electricity that travels to a specific area.

Alloy Type Thermal Cutoff

This cutoff senses when the ambient temperature increases to the determined setting. This triggers the fusible alloy, making it melt. The surface tension and special resin compound coating melt while the element contracts at the end of the leads. This action permanently opens the electrical circuit, cutting off the heat to the area.

Specialized industries need specific features on their products. To make your project a success, it is important to choose only the best materials, which is where we can help.

Specialized industries need specific features so that they can individualize their production process. We don’t take advantage of this need – instead, we provide the top pricing, quality, and service that you need for thermostats and cutoffs.

Organic and Pellet Type Cutoffs with Calco Electric

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