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At Calco Electric, we provide only the most reliable cutoffs. Cutoffs are similar to breakers – they work like safety switches. Some cutoffs use fuses while others do not; the important thing is that an overcurrent device trips if the electricity rises too high, cutting off the power. Cutoffs can be either automatic or manually adjusted, according to your needs.

We provide our customers with two kinds of cutoffs. To guarantee that your cutoffs are efficient, ours have high accuracy and quick heat response because they are in direct contact with the surface of the equipment.

Temperature Accuracy & Increased Safety

DM Series Direct Response cutoffs are in direct contact with the surface of the equipment they are sensing. Most of the equipment in offices and factories use variations of our DM Series Direct Response cutoffs: vending machines, compressors, computers, and boilers. Many kitchen and home appliances also use this kind of cutoff: coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, and electric ovens. This element allows for the best accuracy for temperature as well as safety.

Organic and Pellet Type thermal cutoffs are some of the best quality and efficiency for cutoffs.

  • Alloy cutoffs measure the ambient temperature. As soon as the thermal cutoff meets its operating temperature, the surface tension melts the fusible alloy. A special resin compound, which coats the element, liquefies into bulbs at the ends of the leads. This permanently opens the electrical circuit for one-time use.
  • Pellet Type cutoffs also measure the ambient temperature. When the thermal cutoff is at operating temperature, a pellet melts onto a spring, which moves apart from the lead. This permanently opens the electrical circuit for a single usage.

Cutoffs at Calco Electric

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Thermal Cutoffs TCO's and Thermal Switches

Quick Heat Response and High Accuracy by Direct Contact with Equipment Face. Corresponds to Temperature of Equipment Face.

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Offering the best and highest quality thermal cutoffs available both alloy and pellet type.

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